Street Art Guide LA

Art District Los Angeles – a live guide through the streets of Downtown Art District

This guide has been created for those who understand the vital importance artistic knowledge, has brought to the human race and thus, its societies. The first artistic ‘drawings’, as are these following ones, were embodied on walls (cave walls), so it could be said that the cycle has been completed.

If the pen is mightier than the sword and an image worth more than a thousand words…what more is there to say – ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’ (Gertrude Stein)…maybe?

We hope you enjoy this guide as much as we enjoyed accomplishing it. We’ve tried to give it a twist and added extra info, specifically for those who want to visit the ArD.

By adding the location to a google map you can search certain parts of the district for more detailed information. There are some tips that can help you decide where to go, what to visit or the possibility of adding, where your favorite street art piece is located; to the guide. You’re more than welcome to add any inspirational notes or tips on the art presented.

With the aid of our contributors the following photos, locations and tips have been assembled for the sole purpose of offering the tourist, the artist, the professional, the student or whoever you might be. A useful and practical source, to expand the artistic vibe across the globe. ENJOY!!

Street Art Map Los Angeles

TIP BY ERIN MITCHELL – some of this street art unfortunately might not be there when you visit, due to vandalism, artist who takes over the location or robbery.

Becca Midwood - 1820 Industrial St.
Becca Midwood – 1820 Industrial St.

TIP BY ERIN MITCHELL – the above photo is located outside her favorite Art’s District cafe The Daily Dose

First of all we hope you liked the above compilation produced with the sources used and contributions; which are the primary stars of this guide. Most sources come from guided tours or photographers that have been kind enough to send us their own collections.

If you’re interested in contributing to the guide feel free to contact us, not just for photos but also tips or information you consider worthwhile communicating to the users.


Erin Mitchell -Erin Mitchell is a writer and amateur photographer who hits the streets of Los Angeles with her iPhone and a keen, observant eye for all things street art.

For more info:

We hope the guide is helpful and please let us know your ideas and suggestions, so we can continue updating the guide.

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OMG – way to go! :-)

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9 thoughts on “Street Art Guide LA”

  1. hi,

    I will be visiting LA this coming march and this guide would be an awesome addition to my trip unfortunately i cannot see the Google maps point location. That maps point location would be amazing. If you can help out thank you.

  2. Great site. FYI, the map point location is not working. As you know there are numerous sites that post street/ graffiti art and inverability they rarely give the location of the the art work ? I’m a rookie photograher I just started a small business, Street Art Photography. A site that posts locations is a windfall for a small business like mine.

  3. Hello
    It would be helpful if when you click on picture it showed the street exactly where this the art is located. The map is not easy to use.

    Thank you, I would love to visit these art locations.

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