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The nominations for L.A.’s best neighbourhoods for holiday vacations are…

Dubbed the ‘City of Angels’, Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant, exciting metropolitan places on the planet living up to its reputation as south California’s go-to destination.

Runyon Canyon Overlook
(Runyon Canyon Overlook – Photo: Mark Mitchell)

As the United States second largest city after New York, L.A. is bustling with neighbourhoods, so choosing where to stay can cause a dilemma. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular districts to give you an idea of what goes on where.
Whether you want to go celebrity spotting, take the kids to Disneyland, stroll in the Hollywood Hills or take in the sights of Venice Beach, L.A. is a must-see holiday hotspot on America’s west coast with plenty of hotels and luxury accommodation.

Beverly Hills

This high-class exclusive city is home to Rodeo Drive shopping district with some of the most expensive labels and luxury goods on the market so staying in this part of town comes with a designer price tag. With expense comes a distinctive location oozing luxury, fashion, glamour and this shines through in the plush hotels lining the streets alongside the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Cartier.
Beverly Hills is like a who’s who of the movie industry and is home to the four-acre estate formerly owned by Walt Disney. Jennifer Aniston and Bruce Willis also have properties there, and Taylor Swift recently invited fans to come over to her place to check out her new album.
Beverly Hills is all about affluence – that’s for sure.
Although there are a few budget options, most of the holiday accommodation in Beverly Hills is a little more premium priced but well worth it to stay in such a sophisticated area.

52 Mickey Balloons
(52 Mickey Balloons – Photo: Joe Penniston)


Often referred to as ‘tinsel town’, Hollywood is crammed with iconic images from the big screen and is buzzing with life, day and night. Definitely a place for those who love all things entertainment, especially the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame with 15 blocks of sidewalk dedicated to stars past and present including fictional characters like Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog and Shrek.
The landmark Hollywood sign sits high in the hills and is a perfect vantage point for great panoramic views. Millions of holidaymakers come here for a must-have photograph of what is probably the most famous sign in the history of signs! It’s where struggling actress Peg Entwistle jumped off the letter ‘H’ to her death way back in 1932.
Staying in Hollywood guarantees close proximity to tonnes of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues guaranteed to keep holidaymakers buzzing. It’s probably not the best choice for peace and quiet but for party-people in search of glitz, it’s a must.
There are plenty of well-priced holiday accommodations available in the Hollywood area close to the excitement and buzz of one of most talked about neighbourhoods in the U.S. It’s a great choice for visitors to stay in the midst of all the action and to get around easily.

Creature Attack - Los Feliz
(Creature Attack – Los Feliz – Photo: KROCKY MESHKIN)

West Hollywood

Sunset Strip goes through WeHo (as it’s known locally) and is loaded with typical American-style billboards advertising concerts from music legends, the latest movies and TV shows.
This neighbourhood is crammed with nightclubs and rock venues including The Viper Room, Troubadour and The Roxy where over the years the likes of Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Bob Marley have graced the stage.
There are quieter areas to stay away from the main strip but this place is pretty full-on with plenty to do and an all-American atmosphere to soak up.
Known for its liberal attitude, WeHo is a LGBT capital of L.A. and was the first area in southern California to relax cannabis laws and introduce medical marijuana use.
West Hollywood has a large selection of holiday accommodations to enhance your stay and give a taste of luxury living in a comfortable space within a vibrant neighbourhood.

Pillow Fight!!!
(Pillow Fight!!! – Photo: Jessica Lehrman)

Downtown L.A.

In recent decades Downtown has gone through a renaissance period of development to become the business district of L.A. as well as a paradise for fashionistas, lovers of the theater, cinema and good quality restaurants and eateries.
It has a rundown ‘Skid Row’ area that holidaymakers may want to avoid as well as other more residential regions. However, with plenty of accommodations directly in Downtown this will not be a problem. So be advised to stay away from this area and instead choose from Downtown’s array of well-priced holiday rentals close to major attractions.
One of the major landmarks and architectural icons is the Walt Disney Concert Hall which has featured in several TV shows and movies and is where the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra is based.

(Balloonheads – Photo: KROCKY MESHKIN)


Known for its fine-dining restaurants and high-end shopping of Montana Avenue and Third Street, Westside as a whole is an expensive and cultural region where you’ll find the $1.3 billion Getty Center with its collection of museums, gardens and cable car service taking visitors to the top of the hill offering stunning views over L.A.
This is a place for discerning travellers looking for unique boutiques, cool cafés and clothing stores. Westside is also where foodies will find The Original Farmers’ Market, considered one of L.A.’s oldest institutions, and packed with gastronomic delicacies and fresh organic produce.
Holiday accommodation in Westside is abundant with a range of chic and sophisticated places to choose from whether you’re on a budget or looking for high- end rentals.

(C.R.A.N.K Mob - Photo: Al)
(C.R.A.N.K Mob – Photo: Al)

The Beach: Santa Monica & Venice Beach

Due to its location on the sunny west coast, L.A. enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean-style climate with warm days and balmy nights for much of the year – perfect for beach lovers.
Stroll along Venice Beach Boardwalk to take in the notorious ‘muscle beach’, street artists and bohemian atmosphere and head over to Santa Monica Pier for a ride on the ferris wheel.
The beaches are great for watersports, ideal to unwind, soak up the sunshine and offer a taste of typical Californian beach lifestyle – and it’s where much of TV classic Baywatch was filmed.
Close to the beaches you’ll find loads of holiday rentals offering the perfect place to explore the sunshine coast and be your ideal base for an exciting L.A. trip.

(Photo: nate bolt)
(Photo: nate bolt)

Miracle Mile

The Miracle Mile neighborhood was originally built as a car friendly shopping district with lots of shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment. The scenery had changed in the last two decades and the malls have been overtaken by museums. LACMA and the Peterson Automotive Museum is just to name a few. The one mile stretch of this affluent neighborhood on Wilshire Boulevard is called the Museum Row. Another attraction is the La Brea Tar Pits. This park is used to be home for dinosaurs and many other pre-historic creatures and is an active archeological site with new bones being excavated daily. A bit north of Wilshire on LaBrea one can find a number of elegant and chic restaurants and furniture shops. Some furniture shops are actually inside a restaurant. The Grove is probably the center of the Miracle Mile neighbourhood. This charming open air mall looks more like a picturesque Italian village than an American mall. It’s singing water fountain was designed by the same guys who brought you the fountain at the Bellagio in Vegas.
The Miracle Mile neighborhood is strategically positioned in the actual center of Los Angeles. It’s about the same distance from Downtown L.A., Santa Monica and Burbank. For a tourist this is probably the best location in Los Angeles to stay at and to explore the many many faces of Los Angeles.

(LACMA – Photo: Chuyan Yu)

Regardless of the neighbourhood you go for, staying in L.A.’s finest places offers many options depending on your needs and budget. With a range of cost-effective holiday accommodations in Los Angeles, visitors can choose from lower end rentals to higher priced luxurious lodgings as there is something for everyone.

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