Image based on a photo by Kent Kanouse

Your LA Movie Location day tour – It’s wacky, romantic, gritty and action packed

Blue skies, tall palm trees, cruising down Beverly Hills Avenue in your convertible; hair tousled, one hand on the wheel, elbow resting lazily, movie-style, on the door, your drop-dead-gorgeous co-star looks lovingly into your eyes and gives you a knee-trembling smile – have you been there? Me too, in my dreams.

Fuelled up by a big stack of pancakes head off downtown to Eagle Rock Boulevard N via the blockbuster store where Jim Carey gets a call. The movie follows his quest to become the “Yes Man”, or not, and get to grips with the concept of “Yes being the new No” – well, it is a comedy…

At your peril take some driving tips from Bob Hoskins and see the place where Roger Rabbit’s car chase ended on the Hyperion Avenue bridge over the Los Angeles River.

No surprise that films aren’t always what they seem – our next location is from Pearl Harbour and is supposed to be a New York station in 1941, but was a revamped version of L.A.’s Union Station on 800 N. Alameda Street. You can wander through the impressive art deco concourse and imagine ‘Rafe’ (Ben Affleck) getting the train to join the Eagle Squadron in England while ‘Evelyn’ (Kate Beckinsale) desperately searches for him – tantalisingly he sees her from the train as it pulls out of the station – wouldn’t happen now with mobile phones!

This next clip from the film is a chilling reminder of why the USA got drawn into world War II:

Image based on a photo by Ron Reiring
Image based on a photo by Ron Reiring

Going south you can stop off in the Grand Park and see the fountain from Pretty Woman – I defy you not to start humming the song – da da dada da da da da (sorry!)

Don’t you ever wonder why such a beautiful a woman was in that line of “work” anyway? Film is all about fantasy…

Image based on a photo by Kent Kanouse
Image based on a photo by Kent Kanouse

Now a quick hop to “New York” and Godzilla via the 1928 deco entrance and lobby of the Title Insurance Company Building in 433 South Spring Street, which also doubled as the TV station where Audrey worked for devious boss, Caiman. Incidentally it was also used as the deco lobby in Manhattan Hotel in Pearl Harbour – you can’t get away from that one here… Relive another moment on the steps of the “hospital” which is the eastern entrance to the Natural History Museum on Exposition Boulevard photo: wikipedia / David . Unfortunately Rafe’s romantic gesture backfires as he is whacked on his already bruised nose by a champagne cork.

If that’s all rather girly and romantic it’s time to get a bit more gritty and continue on to Wilmington to see the grim Victorian house in “Paper Street” where Brad Pitt and Ed Norton lived and trained the Fight Club members; it’s not far from Lou’s Tavern, at 240 N. Neptune Ave. (the southeast corner of Neptune Avenue & C Street). The tale of a disillusioned insomniac office worker and bare knuckle fighting is not everyone’s idea of entertainment so the film was not a huge box office success but later became a cult movie after the DVD release.
If you have got a strong stomach here is a fight scene – “In the end you’ll thank me”….

Time is getting on but one last location for today is from the 2010 science fiction heist film, Inception, where the van falls from the Commodore Schuyler F. Heim lift bridge. The plot is somewhat confusing and deals with the infiltration of the subconscious but this scene is pretty self explanatory.

Image based on a photo by rms492rm
Image based on a photo by rms492rm

On the way home to put your feet up in your real life comfy accommodation in Los Angeles you can take in the sunset from the Pacific Highway, but I hope you don’t run into this Fast and Furious lot – don’t try this at home!

Of course you can make your own favorite movie itinerary by clicking on the names on our map. Have a good day!

“That’s all folks!”

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